As we head into the second full week of the year, we find everything is getting back into the swing of things. You go back to work, you hit up the gym and yet you still find yourself irritated by the mess the holidays has left you. Too many presents, not so much room.

So, this week is going to be:
Ultimate Guide For Organizing Your Home
Room By Room The Purge Takes Over

Being organized is a lot more work than most people think. It is crucial if you want your home to look clean and beautiful. However, even though it is important to maintain an organized look, in order to do that, you have to come up with a system in the first place. This week we are going to analyze each room in your home and give you tips, tricks and advice on how to organize that space.

Room One: Entryway.

2016 clean up 1

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First thing you see when you walk into your home is the entryway, so why not start here? As you know, the entry needs lots of storage for things such as jackets, shoes and accessories so one way to take care of that problem is by installing storage cubbies like these ones. You can use wicker boxes under the bench to house mitts, hats and shoes hang hooks at the top for sweaters and jackets. Paint the background in chalk board to not only hide scuffs from the kids but also so write notes and reminders. Keep the colours around this simple and clean and there you have it, a simple clean sophisticated look. If you do not have as

2016 clean up 2.jpg

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much space, or you use a side door for your main entrance, here is another simple look you can create. Add a nice mirror and small shelf, this will allow for a bit of storage and the mirror will make the space feel larger than it really is. Keep the colours simple, the smaller the space the lighter the colour. You can even recreate the space more by painting your door a bold colour. Here the door is painted a dark charcoal gray. This works because the rest of the space was kept in the lighter tones while the accents bring colour into the space and the door draws people towards it, which can be a good thing

2016 clean up 3

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sometimes. Finally, if you are just looking for a simple place to put your shoes try this great design. Find a low bin or make a simple rectangle bin from scraps of wood. Make it the size you need for the space and paint it what colour you want. Place some simple river rocks in the bottom for the water to run off your shoes/boots into the grate below. There you have it a simple way to keep your floors clean and your entrance will look perfect!


Tomorrow we will be tackling the living room/basement. More organizing tips, tricks and advice on how to make those spaces the best for you and your family.


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