Top trend 2016 will show case to you is dark walls. I, myself am quite excited about this. I am really looking forward to seeing what people do with this trend, the ideas seem to be endless. This moody look is a must on my list of must haves for 2016.  The best part, there are so many ways to achieve this moody effect. However, you need to be be careful, painting your walls dark can turn your home into a Halloweeny set up if not done in the right way. Dark walls seem to have the negative assumption of making a room feel dark, but did you know that it can actually help attract the light if done in the right way. Even better there are ways to make your space seem larger with the darker look. Here is a list of spaces I believe would benefit from a dark wall colour.

Home Office

2016 dark walls 4.jpg

Picture from Pinterest .


1.Dark walls in your home office. Enough said. You see a lot of offices using all white because it acts as a blank canvas. However, dark walls do the same thing! In fact, it defines the space a bit more by helping to establish boundaries in the space. In this office, the dark walls were separated with a pastel rose hue and shelf. I love this concept.

Kiddo Space.

2016 dark walls kids.jpg

Picture from Pinterest

2.Kid’s room is the best place for dark walls. Not only do they hide dirt it also hides scuffs and dents. The thing about kid’s toys is that they are always over the top bright. So no need to worry about the room being too dark as they will lighten the space. Remember the light from the window reflects onto the dark walls and warms and brightens the space.

Living Room.
2016 dark walls 2.jpg

3.Dark walls in your living room, another great idea. If you have ceilings that are higher than 9′ this is a must. The walls are dark and the ceiling is white so it has a lot of contrast already, make an even bolder statement hang a chandelier that is bright. It will act as a focal point in the room because it is much brighter against the walls. The room is warmed up with bright tones from the accessories, like the cognac leather sofa, warm wood flooring, and lighting fixtures. How can you not fall in love with a space like this?

2016 dark walls 3.jpg

4.Finally, dark walls in the bedroom. Romantic much? This bedroom relies on the colours of the accessories to brighten the space. How relaxing is this room? The light flooring and white ceiling pushes the space together. Dark walls and bedding draw your eye in and make you want to jump in the bed. The key to dark colored spaces is to contrast whites with darks, and this is the perfect example.

I love me some dark walls. I cannot wait to try one of these decor designs in my home. This is going to be a bold statement in 2016 and I cannot wait to see what you all do with it.

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