2016 is bringing back numerous trends from the past years. One that I am particularly interested in is decorating with plants. Side note: God bless my little man Keifer’s soul, I never could have plants because he would eat them all…no matter where I placed them. Don’t worry I’d take a million dead plants a day to have you.  Anyways, I am excited to see what types of plants help in the household, so I have decided to do a quick blog on how to use this new trend to your advantage!

Plants have a way of making any space feel bright, lively and gorgeous. As I search around for some new plants to add some life to our condo, I have found a few neat ways to decorate with plants, by this I mean mixing it up from the normal basket or vase. Add a new twist on an old trend with some new dimension to your home.

2016 plant ladder.jpg

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Wooden ladder

If you are lucky enough to find an old rickety ladder, it will make a lovely addition to your patio in the summer and living room corner in the winter. Stain or paint the wood and you’ve got yourself a beautiful new plant shelf that adds depth to any space.


2016 plants 1.jpg

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If you aren’t so lucky to find a ladder, try using an old bench or a simple side table. You can also use a cart, this would be best if you  are moving the plants around in seasons. you can keep it simple with all the same posts or mix it up so add different detail to your little plant shrine.

2016 plant hanger.jpg

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Low & High
Adding hanging plants in an interior can make things really detailed I find. Since it’s kind of unexpected and adds a new layer to your decor, it also add height to your space. This is a great idea for areas with a lot of head space, it fills in that awkward area. 

2016 plants diy pot.jpg

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Get an old pot, vase or even a bowl and paint it. Don’t make them match, mix it up, go bold or simple it’s up to you. This is your chance to add in a bit of fun to your space and also draw people into your plants.

2016 plant by couch.jpg

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OL’ Faithful
Old one in the books, ol’ faithful big guy beside the couch or in the corner. It’s a oldie but a keeper, I love this idea because it fills in that last space you never know what to do with. You have enough tables, chairs, accessories and basically everything else you need in your room, why not get a large plant and prop it next to your sofa or a favorite chair. Instant dimension for your living room!

2016 plant wall.jpg

Picture from Pinterest 

Green Wall
By far my favourite, create a green wall in your home. This can house any plant or even vegetables. This is an amazing way to add life into your home, and it is also a very green alternative as a green wall has many perks that come with it.  If you have the space look into this!!

New year, new trends.
Some old, some new.
They are all good to me.

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