It is the things you last think of that actually form the last parts of our spaces. In order to really see a space, you must have the right lighting to see it. After quite a bit of research I came across the best example, it grasps the concept of what you need to look out for perfectly. So follow these few steps to find the perfect lighting for your space.

Ask yourself this first, what is the function of the lighting?

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Well actually first is, what is the purpose of the room? You need to figure out what tasks you will be performing in the room and make sure you tackle those light needs first as they will be used the most. Will you be watching television? Reading? Having Meetings? Be on your Computer? Where is natural light coming in? Are there two uses? Only after these types of questions are answered, that is when you can bring other lighting effects into the design. Remember this one thing: Task lighting is direct and bright, and mood lighting is soft and dim. If you are really thinking and can install a dimmer, it could actually be the best investment you make in a room.

Then ask, what type of atmosphere are you looking for?

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Don’t you hate it when you are out on a date and the restaurant you choose to go to has such harsh lighting, it just changes the whole mood of the date? The fluorescent overhead lights point out of imperfection and you all seem to look a little yellow. So this is why restaurants are great examples of how lighting can affect your mood and the amount you want to pay. So say you go to a fancy schmancy expensive restaurant, notice the rich colour decor with the dimmed lighting. Don’t forget the candlelight table setting and that soft music serenading you in the background and BAM! suddenly people become looser with their wallets. Did you know that if we spend an hour or so in a romantic and relaxed setting we are more willing to pay too much for our supper. That totally explains the $300 + bill Niagara Falls now, these types of restaurants have learned to play on our senses. Sounds silly, I totally agree, but it works!

What about that important piece? 

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Everyone has that favourite piece of art or photography in their home. Some love to showcase it and others like it to blend in. For me, if its that important to me I want other people to know this. I make it the focal point of my space. I build everything up around it and top it off with the best statement piece. Add a light from above or below or even add in track lighting to showcase a few pieces of art. This is why I love lighting, it allows something to scream look at me when the piece alone couldn’t. Lighting always makes everything look that much better.



Finally the finishing touch.

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Lighting has so many styles, so whether your style be modern, traditional, contemporary, eclectic, or a combination of the above, remember that lighting plays a key role in finishing the fine details of a room. Picture it this way, your outfit isn’t complete without your accessories. First you like what you see when you look in the mirror, but you know something is missing. You need your shoes, purse and jewelry to top it off. Only then you can say your look is complete, and just not material on your body. The same can be applied to your room, your furniture, accessories and lighting is what shapes the space.

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