Grab a glass of water, advil, a blanket and let’s see what is new on the horizon of interior design trends for 2016! I have been browsing to find the design trends of the new year for you and what I have come across is quite interesting. 2015 brought us a lot of new trends and they seem to be carrying

over to 2016…with a tiny twist. So, sit back, relax and let’s make 2016 the start of something new and exciting!

Sustainable Living.

This is not a new trend, however, this is one of the big design trends for 2016. New products are continually being redesigned to better fit our lifestyles, so get your LEDs in everyone! We need to preserve our precious earth! So, with this is mind, I have been looking at these interesting sustainable design trends that will be big this year.


A naturally sustainable material is going to be trend this year.The best part is that it is a material that’s production is supported indefinitely by nature, which means it is used up at the same speed that it is renewed. You will be seeing this a lot in accessories such as this beautiful handmade bowl, crafted from rolled bamboo designed by The Habitat Emiko. The pop of colour on the outside makes this the perfect statement piece. Accents are always a great way to fill the space and add that extra bit of detailed colour.

House plants

2016 plants

Picture from Pinterest

Another big trend that hit us in 2015 was the huge love for succulents and the newfound adoration of houseplants. This trend is set to continue throughout 2016. This is a simple way to add colour and texture to your space, this is because plants inject not only colour but life into your home and also make a homes feel well cared for. Best part, most plants are low maintenance and they are also a low cost addition that breathes new life into your interiors.


Mixed Metals

2016 Mixed Metals

Picture from Pinterest

2015 brought a new trend of recycled metal hues and they will continue to be everywhere this year again. Dulux’s colour of the year for 2016 is Cherished gold. Brass, copper,  gold and luxe metallic finishes look shiny and rich together and continue to be on trend. A great way to showcase these metals are pairing them against the increasingly popular dark walls. As you can see in the photograph, the gold mirror paired with the dark green walls allows for the metals to pop. Love this look and the natural raw feeling it gives off. I will definitely be following this trend this year. 



Patterns, florals and dark colours seem to play a large role in the design industry in 2016. Bold statements and eye catching textures will shape the way your interiors will look and feel.

2016 florals.jpg

Picture from Pinterest

Florals, not only bright but also dark florals are making a come back from the 80’s. However, of course, they are reinterpreted so that we will love them again! Mixing the bright with dark will for sure make a statement piece in any space. If you are looking for a more modern look for your space, 2016 will be bringing you more dark clean lined spaces.

2016 dark

Picture from Pinterest

Painting a room black might sound like it would be a dark cold cave, but it can be glamorous, modern, and sophisticated. To brighten up the room make sure to link back to the sustainable trend above with metals. Shiny details like gold chairs and glass table top will break up the space and  pick up the light. This will create further contrast in a room with dark plum walls.


This year seems to be a year of natural and bold statements.  Drawing in raw materials and clean lines will be creating the interiors of 2016. Adding in any of these trends will update and make your space divine. Remember though, it is important to make purchases based on what you love and not just because you are told a item is “in”. Make 2016 a year to update and create welcoming and trendy spaces, the best of luck and Happy New Year to all.


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