I’m feeling like I am wishing 2015 away a bit too much, seeing as there were so many great design trends this year like the ones below…..


2015 couch

Picture from Pinterest 

I found this kind of interesting, I have seen many pictures this year with living rooms that house large sectionals. This even includes small condos and to my surprise it always seems to work great. I find that living rooms are moving away from formal environments and being changed into more relaxed spaces for lounging. I don’t know about you but I’m all for a couch that lets you sprawl out. So, 2015 definitely brought friends and family closer together by eliminating all the individual seating and bringing you one large surface where everyone can sit and socialize

together. I love that this is a thing, I hope that I see this more in 2016 and it continues to bring us closer to things that really matter.


Open Shelving

2015 shelf

Picture from Pinterest

For all you kitchen lovers that are looking to redo your kitchen in 2016, take notes. 2015 for me, really focused on minimal living, open spaces and less junk. I found that design really pinpointed on what we really needed in a space to make it fully functional and not make it just about looks. However, not saying looks aren’t important but the way designers this year made grabbing and going quick fast and easy not only chic but functional is amazing. For example, grab-and-go shelving in the kitchen is a must. This adds a bit of detail to the space but also makes mealtime prep a breeze. This is a great spot for those always in use items in the kitchen that you are proud to show off.  Bonus place things like glass cups and hide any ugly stuff in more traditional closed-door cabinetry. This is a must to remember for 2016!

Smart Homes

2015 alarm

Picture from Pinterest

Bring back sustainable design here again, for the truly tech-savvy people out there who can program your home lighting, locking, and HVAC controls to your phone kudos to you. This was a large trend this year, people are always wanting to find ways to blow people’s minds and 9 times out of 10 you will with the crazy gadgets people are creating. There are so many new gadgets out there that allow you to control your home when you are not there that I cannot even start to list them. I think that this is an amazing creation that not only allows people to know what is going on when they are away, but it also conserves energy which I love. So, if you are looking to put in a new alarm system or have just moved into a new home, I highly recommend that you look into this! It will only become bigger in 2016.

So, tomorrow we say goodbye to 2015 and hello to 2016. My last blog of the year will show you my top three most favourite trends of 2015. Make sure you check it out, you never know one of them may be a big hit in 2016!

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