Part five of seven days of Christmas decor but for some of you, the dinner parties have already started. So for the rest that have not started, here are some quick, simple and elegant ways to spruce up and personalize those Christmas tables.

christmas white table

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21. Since there is no snow on the ground, a nice and elegant white Christmas theme will make your table and dining room look chic and sophisticated. Start with white candles, flowers, and napkins these will start your base and top it off with white dishes to make your food pop with colour. 

christmas name

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22. Is your table already packed with place settings, food and decor? However, you still need to let everyone know where they are sitting? This is one of the simplest place setting ideas that I’ve seen so far. All you need is a single ornament (one of those leftover ones from the tree) for each of your guests and attach a name tag. Here is where you can add in that personal touch with handwriting.

christmas table simple

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23.If you like to keep it simple, remember your table does not need to be complex and intricate. Try this classic but simple decor look by creating a natural feel to your table and place settings. Use small amounts of greens, accents like pinecones, and then add some color with beautiful flowers.

christmas music mat

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24. I came across this idea and all I thought was purely genius and also very  cute! For all you music lovers out there, use this to add in a little personal touch, Christmas sheet music can be used  you guests.  This adds both a rustic feel to the table and also is so fun for your guests to read the lyrics while they’re waiting!

christmas table gift

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25.  Finally with the traditional red & green look, achieve this through poinsettias. These plants seem to be the unofficially declared plant of Christmas, which is perfect because they are beautiful and have the perfect Christmas colors to them. Bonus they come in pink and white also, so this look can completely change depending on the colour you choose! Put a small poinsettia on each of your guests’ plates and match the colors with green and red table decorations, best part it’s the perfect take away gift for your guests.

Three days left until Christmas and two Christmas decor tips to go! Check in tomorrow for more easy, fast and fun ideas to spread throughout your home this holiday season!

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