On the decor roll again, part three of seven days of Christmas decor! So today’s blog is going to be all about Christmas tree hacking, because what’s Christmas without a beautifully decorated tree!

11. First off is your Christmas tree lacking in fullness? Try adding in some green tinsel or garland, but be sure to layer the tinsel/garland on the inner branches to fill out the tree.

christmas tree country

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12. Do you live in an old country home and would like to keep that style going throughout your Christmas decor? Try going with a simple look of popcorn garland (if you have kids put them to work!), simple glass ornaments and add that bit more detail by using a wood crate. This will hide the bottom of the tree and give it the old country style look you were going for instead of a skirt.

christmas tree blues

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13. Mix up the colours for a bold fresh look. Keep with the typical red and green, but throw in some blue for a pop of colour. Plaid always looks great with this look.

christmas white

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14. So if you live in Canada, most people think that it’s always going to be a white Christmas. But here in Ontario, as I sit here and look outside tonight, December does not seem like it is here. This 18 degree weather is awesome but it’s hard to get into the Christmas spirit. So let’s change that up and add a tree full of white to your space. Use burlap, white ornaments and pine cones for a rustic nature look. Hell why not even add in a snowy owl to top it off. So when you look out and see green outside, look over and see an amazing white Christmas Tree.

christmas fruit

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15. Since Christmas is mostly about food for me, I am in love with the idea of hanging dried fruit. The use of a popcorn and cranberry garland, with apples, oranges and pears tied off with plaid bows is the ultimate Christmas Tree for me. How can you not fall in love with this!!!!

So! once again tune in tomorrow for more quick and easy ways to conquer the Christmas holidays!


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