As promised, here is part two of seven days of Christmas home decor for all you late bloomers like me!

christmas blue

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6. An amazing fact: holiday decorating does not have to be red and green. This is the perfect time to try out a different colour scheme, this does not mean your home won’t be festive, just refreshingly unique.

christmas kitchen

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7. I am not sure about you but most of Christmas is spent in the kitchen. Add some decor into the space by adding in a small Christmas tree for your kitchen island or hang wreaths from your cabinets. This will add that bit more detail to the space.

christmas diy

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8. Are you like me and cannot wrap presents? Do you always have far more extra paper than you need and feel bad about tossing it away? Try making a DIY wreath out of it. Roll the extra paper into cones and glue them together in a circle, add a piece of ribbon to hand and there you have it a recycled piece of art.


christmas headboard

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9. Is family or friends staying over this holiday season? Don’t forget to put your visitors in the holiday mood by adding a bit of garland or Christmas lights to the headboard.


10. Do you have a bench in your front hall? Try adding some decorative pillows to the space. This will create a welcoming entrance and also a quick and easy way to decorate the space.




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