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Is  your room missing something, something you cannot quite put your finger on, something that seems so small but finishes the room? Well maybe it is one of these three things…


  1. plants

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    Greenery. A simple and easy way to add colour into a space. Plants
    are the perfect solution for those awkward small spaces or even a great way to define two spaces. They infuse the perfect amount of color and texture, plus they are extremely easy to move around if you choose to redecorate. Best of all, the price of them vary, so they can work for any budget. I find the best places to find plants are from  Home Depot or IKEA. Add in aa bit more detail with a unique pot or stand.

  2. bathroom rug

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    Rugs are the ultimate way to anchor a room. When I say this, I do not only mean in the hallway, bedroom or living room I mean you can add them in the most unlikely spaces. Do you have a large ensuite and find that everything is pushed to the walls? Try adding in a area rug, this will not only connect the room together but it will also add some colour into the space. There are many options for every spot in your home, so make sure you pick the right one for that given space. Keep in mind when choosing  the rug pick a simple colour from your space and tie in th that way. Do not try to match every colour to the rug, this is a piece that is supposed to stand out and add detail, not fade into the space.

  3. art work  big

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    As much as I love gallery walls, sometimes having a large scale piece of artwork works better. If you have a large space above a couch, bed or even a credenza and you have no clue what to place on the wall, large scale art works best.  There is no replacement for the impact oversized art lends to a room. Not only will it save you from smashing your thumb and hours of frustration from nailing way too many holes in your wall to get that perfect layout, but it is a foolproof way to bring in color, texture, and depth to an otherwise simple space. If you cannot find something you like, there is always the option of getting your own photography or even your favourite picture printed on a canvas or framed. This brings in a personal touch to the space and finishes it off perfectly.

So keep these three simple details in mind when you cannot figure out how to finish the space. Not only will they finish the space but they will keep the air clean, your feet warm and fill that empty space.

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