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The first step is admitting it. You may want to deny it, but it is true. We are all hoarders of something, things we think are important, things that we think we will need and things that were given to us and we feel bad about tossing or giving away. It is hard to see your house full of clutter, it can affect your mood negatively. It will make your personal space seem like a place you want to escape from, rather than something to look forward to coming home to. Here is a list of some things you should consider purging from your home, make a day every month to go through the buildup of clutter and toss the things you do not need.

  1. All of those free or yearly subscriptions to magazines you have that are laying around your home. You keep telling yourself you will get around to reading them, but really they are just propping up the rest of the clutter on the counter.  Do not toss them, donate them. Find a doctors office, dentist office, nail salons, nursing home or even a public library. Just remember to black out your  name and address if there is one on the front.
  2. If you are like me, you have to write everything down to remember it. I have a million full or half full notebooks that have been used for school and for meetings. Take a look at them and throw out the ones that you no longer need. However, if you come across a few pages that you do, cut them out and compile them in one book.
  3. One place I did not really think of is your medicine cabinet, clear out the meds that have expired or ones that you no longer use. Make sure you dispose of them properly, most drug stores will take them and do that for you but NEVER EVER flush them down the toilet or toss them in the garbage.
  4. Have an old DVD player you do not use? Or maybe you just never got around to getting rid of your old laptop or cell phone. Sell or donate them to your local Value Village or Salvation Army. You can even ask a local school if they would like your old laptop, some schools will take them for the students to learn how to type.
  5. Memorabilia like cards and gifts you do not use can be hard to toss. Really think hard about what you really want to save and what you can live without. I think you can keep some things, like special hand made cards from your aunt, but no one wants to see a participation trophy… So designate a box for these things and keep it just to that box.
  6. For you ladies out there, go through your beauty cabinet and get rid of makeup that is too old or that you do not use. Apparently there are programs out there that let you recycle your makeup, such as MAC or Sephora. This program lets you exchange six empty containers for a new eyeshadow, lip gloss, or lipstick. Research this before, not all locations allow this!
  7. Finally throw away receipts for items that you are not planning on returning or ones that you will not need when tax season comes around. Keep in mind, if you are not 100% sure if you should toss or not, take a picture or scan the receipt to your computer. Make a file that houses these so you can reference them easy.

So take a deep breath and start to toss what you do not need. Quick Tip: set aside piles labeled Keep / Toss/ Donate if you have not used it in the last six months, there is a high possibility you probably will not use it again. Good luck and start taking back your life space!

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