Everyone has those ugly and awkward eyesores in their homes. Trying to hid them can be quite difficult, especially when you cannot function without them. So, I have compiled a list of fast and easy ways to hide those eyesores but allow them to still be 100% functional.

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  1. Conceal your router in fancy storage box or an old book cover. This will allow for full function but also adds in a bit a detail on your desk or book shelf.

    hide the thermostats
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  2. Those awkward home alarm systems or thermostats on your wall, are easily hidden behind your favourite art work. You can do this by simply adding hinges to the side and attach it to your wall.


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  3. Use clear glass jars as an elegant and easy way to store your not-so-pretty beauty products. To make them more interesting, you can also add decals that match your bathroom. Keep in mind you can also use glass dispensers to conceal your face wash as well.


    Sattra cord set from Ikea 


  4. Turn your wires into art work. Wires can be hard to hide or even just boring, try adding beads or even these cool cord decoration set from Ikea. http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/catalog/products/70297979/

    drop cloth

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  5. Hang a black drop cloth or any colour that goes with your space behind your desk, this will hide the tangled mass of wires. Cheap easy fix to clean up your space.

    dog drawer

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  6. Use a bottom drawer or cupboard to hide your cat or dog dishes.


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  7. If it still works, upgrade it! Here is a cheap and easy way to upgrade your kitchen appliances, use stainless steel  contact paper. This will give you the look of real stainless for a quarter of the price.


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  8. Trying to hide the ugly box spring on your bed can be hard. If you are like me and cannot stand bed skirts, here is a better way to conceal it. Pick a fabric that goes well with your bedroom, measure out how much you need and upholster it with a staple gun. Quick easy fix!


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