Today’s  blog is going to be short, quick and easy. If you are like me, your favourite space to sit back and relax is on that comfy leather la-z-boy sofa. However, after you finish your “Netflix & Chill” binge watch of your our favourite show, you want that lonely couch to have something while your gone. So, why not make the comfy place even more comfy by styling it with beautiful throw pillows!

Below are diagrams for you visual learners, like me, to show you how to mix, match and arrange the perfect styled sofa.


Always start from the outside and wok your way in. Start with a solid plain fabric that goes well with your colour scheme and design of not only your space, but your couch as well. Depending on the size of your couch, start with a pillow that is between the sizes of 22″ to 24″ (if you have a larger couch such as a sectional you are welcome to go larger).

couch 1

Next pillow, go with a pattern or a texture. The next two layers can be switched up depending on what fabric you choose. My opinion if the first pillow is a bright colour stick with a pattern next, I find if you go with a texture people may miss it an only focus on the bright colour. This pillow should be between 2″-4″ smaller than the first.

couch 2

The third pillow, once again depending on your first colour can be a texture or a pattern. This should also be 2″-4″ smaller than the previous one.

couch 3

Finally to finish off the style use a totally different shape for the centre pillow. This will add in a bit more interest to your sofa and mix it up a bit. As for the pattern/texture, whatever you did for the second pillow do the same here but in a different pattern/texture. My favourite toss in a faux fur!

couch 4

So follow these few steps and make sure your sofa is not lonely when your not there. Another quick tip: if you find that you cannot find a style or pillow you like try making your own. Pinterest has so many DIY examples of quick and easy ways to make your own pillows.

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