Home staging is a key factor in selling your home. If your home is cluttered and too personal, it is hard for people to see themselves living there. I have combined a list of 15 important design tips to take your house off the market the first day. Follow these and eliminate the stress of moving and make the process exciting!


1. Ditch the clutter. Although you think it is clean and organized, this might not translate the same to others. Call on a friend to tour the house top to bottom and pick up anything they think is overpowering the space. Remember though, they are doing this to help you sell your home not to hurt your feelings.

2. Major renovations are a no no. Although you think adding in expensive appliances and ripping out that wall will increase the value of your home, you are most likely wrong. Stick to the easy upgrades like paint and lighting fixtures, these can go a long way.

3. If you have attractive beautiful views make them the focal point! Do not block natural lighting, it is extremely important! Blocking it off with heavy curtains or bulky pieces of furniture can lose you a sale.

4. For the love of God DO NOT paint dark or custom colours. Go with a neutral and warm colour. This will surprise you, the effect a few coats of fresh paint can transform your space and allow for buyers to see their own style in the space.

5. GET OUT! Do not stay at the house during showings. This is so awkward! People will not share their personal feelings if you are present. Put trust in your realtor, they will do a proper job at showing your house.

6. Do not leave your pets around during showings. As cute as they may be, not everyone wants to live in a home if they know a pet has been there. Keep in mind that the viewer may be allergic or afraid of them, so take them to a friend or family members home. Also note make sure all  sure that all the pet odors have been eliminated as well. This is a big make or break point when it comes to selling your home.

7. They do not know you, keep it that way. Do not add personality to the space, people are coming to buy your home, not your family. Staging is all about de-personalizing the space, and creating more of a luxury hotel or a Model Home look that will appeal to most everyone. This is why keeping the spaces neutral is important. Many people have a hard time visualizing the space as theirs, so having minimal decor and colour can go a long way.

8. Do not neglect the outside space! This is the first thing the viewers see when they come to the home.  A neatly groomed front yard and a cozy and comfortable backyard can sell your house instantly. Winter may be a bit harder to showcase this, so make sure all pathways are clear and if you have pets PLEASE make sure you clean up after them. No one wants to see the brown and yellow spots.

9.  This may sound crazy, but do not neglect the refrigerator and the pantry. If these spaces are clean, people will believe the rest of the home is. So go through your entire fridge and pantry and get rid of any old and expired items.

10. Do not forget about the closets and the storage spaces. Purge through all the clothes, linen closet, and other storage spaces. Less is better, this will make them appear a lot more spacious, if they are not crammed with clothes and other things. People love storage so showcase that your home offers this.

11. The laundry room is for laundry, not all of those nicknacks that you have no other place for. Purge and only leave things that are needed to do laundry.

12. No one likes a smelly home, take out the garbage! I am not only talking about the garbages in your home, but also in the garage. Ask a neighbour if you can store them there while your home is being viewed.

13. The basement, most of the time it is a place for all things unfit for the rest of the house. Pack whatever you will be taking with your to your new home in boxes and arrange the rest in a way that showcases the space the room has. Remember, poorly maintained basements can leave a bad overall impression on an entire house.

14. Finally, do not list your house if you are not ready. Having a perfectly staged home will make all the difference. If people are able to see a clean open space, they can see themselves living there. So keep it simple, even if you do not like it it does not matter. It is all about selling not staying.

Follow these steps and watch your home sell in no time. Just remember you are moving up and out, so do not feel like you need to hold on to your home. The love you have for it will transfer onto the next owner.

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