Even if you live in a small space, there are always ways to make that space seem larger. While you probably know the most obvious advice, such as go for light colors and do not be a pack rat less is better.  I have compiled a few ways to make that small space appear larger, and you do not even have to knock down any walls.

minamal living

To make your space seem larger, first start off by decluttering the space. Limit yourself to only the must haves. If you have not used it in the last six months, you do not need it, toss it. Stick with no more than four display accents on a surface. This will fill the space, but not over fill it.

bigger better

High and wide, make use of that small awkward space above the curtains. By this I mean pull those curtains to the ceiling and go as wide as possible. This will make the illusion of a higher ceiling and will also make the windows in the space appear larger. Not much can be worse than a awkward smushed window treatment, DO NOT be afraid to go big, you will be surprised what it can do for a room.

no curtains

Even better, skip curtains! Natural light in a space is the perfect accent to making the space appear larger. However, if you would still like a bit of coverage try blinds that roll up. If you do go with this route, make sure you blend them into the wall colour. This will hide them and still give you the look of clean open space.


Mirrors can be your best friend in a small space. By hanging a large mirror in your space, it will reflect light and color and can sneakily create the illusion of more space.

couch blend

Blend! Blend the largest piece of furniture (most likely your couch) into your wall. This is a easy way to create simplicity and cut visual clutter.

clear furniture
Or even try to erase the visual look altogether! Anything transparent or translucent is perfect for small spaces.

legs on furniture

Artwork, the bigger the better. Having a bunch of small frames in a space can look cluttered. However, having a large piece of art will fill the space in a way that will not overpower it.

Try these few tricks and make that small space larger!


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