Today’s blog is going to be a bit more personal than other posts I have shared with you all. I hope this blog will somehow connect with a lot of you in some form or another. Not only in the every day struggles of life, but also, finding that inner confidence of knowing you are capable of anything.

One important factor I have come to realize in life is,

I will never be successful or stand out if I copy other people’s style. I have always had a problem with this, especially in college. Always thinking that anything I did was never quite up to par with everyone else’s projects. Maybe I should blame it on the lack of self-confidence or sometimes even the lack of knowledge. This has held me back from grasping a lot of great opportunities and has also, made me reconsider if I am really capable of being an designer in general.

Not to toot my own horn here, but I have always been told how great I am at what I do. It is a great feeling when people tell you this, but it is another thing to actually believe it yourself. The struggle is real here people, I cannot lie to you, people tell me this and I never know what to respond with. The typical ‘Oh thanks, it’s what I do’ or the ‘Well I’m glad you think so’ responses continually always pop out of my mouth.

Since graduating in May of 2014, leaving my job in July 2015 and fully launching my business in August, I have learned more things than I imagined. When I say this, I am not only talking about the industry, but also about myself. I cannot say I am 100% there when it comes to self-confidence issue, but I am working on it! So, if anyone who is reading this has told me how ‘great I am at what I do’, thank-you. I did not realize it at the time how important it is to hear those words.

So, today I have decided to share some tips on how to find AND embrace your design style. But first I need to let you all in on a little secret that may, or may not cause me to lose my job but hey, I am in a sharing mood! So, here it is……


Whether you have decorated a house or picked out an outfit, you have expressed creativity in some shape or form. Every person has their own unique perspective that they share through design. I do not know about you, but I think it is rather boring when everyone and everything looks the same. Is it not more interesting when people step out of line and create something that is distinctly their own view on the way something should look?

With everything said, I have combined ways to help you encourage your inner design style.

Use your strengths

First find out what your strengths are. What excites you? What are some habits, hobbies or accomplishments that make you stand out? What have others complemented you on? Even go to the extent of asking the people around you to identify the strengths that they see in you. Once you have combined all our notes, put them into practice. For example, if you are great at drawing showcase your work in your home.

No one likes a follower

By this, I do not mean you cannot find a source of inspiration, I mean DO NOT copy exactly what someone else has done. Taking aspects from someone else’s design is totally okay, BUT make sure you add your own design style to it. Remember there is a difference between what you are inspired by and what you personally have created yourself.

A little bit of this & a little bit of that

As J Cole would say, “Free your mind and everything’ll follow, won’t you”. Random, I know but he has a point. Spend a couple of hours experimenting with your rooms layout, colours and accents. Even though there are ‘rules’ to interior design, you should not always follow them. Keep in mind, that even though I or any other designer says ‘that is how it should be‘, it does not always have to be that way. I do not live with you, I do not have to see it everyday and my style is completely different from yours. So free your mind sit down with a pen and paper and develop a design you approve of.

Bye Felicia!

MY BIGGEST PET PEEVE! If you do not have anything nice to say, shut your damn mouth. Soooo many times I have let people’s opinions distort my own feelings about things I have designed. There is difference between creative criticism and just flat out being a bitch, excuse my language. Not everyone is going to like what you do, that is why it is called personal style. Do not let other people’s opinions destroy you. Hold true to yourself and your style, if you like it, that is all that matters.

So, set your personal style free and if people talk then you are doing something right. Stand out, be brave and do not hold back. Take a leap of faith, not only when it comes to your design style but life in general.

Final Note: Much love to all who have encouraged me to break out on my own and make my dreams come true. As hokey as this is, it would not be possible without you. You know who you are.

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