The modest bedside table is definitely a practical piece of furniture.  Whether you are looking for sophistication or storage, bedside tables can be used to create an extremely chic environment in your bedroom. I have gathered, what I believe to be the top design inspirations for  the most creative bedside tables.

bedside table chair


Starting this unique blog off with a unique use for an old chair. Chairs can add detail to a space without even knowing it, they are able to be as simple or complex as you want. Try taking an old chair you love and transforming it into a sophisticated bedside table. Try adding some colour to your space with it or keep it a simple finish, it is truly is up to you.

bedside table hanging

More detail.

Add more detail to your bedroom with this unique idea for a bedside table. This simple reclaimed barn board and wall sconce, demands attention when you walk into your bedroom.

bedside table step stool

Old furniture, new uses.

Do you have an old step stool and do not really know what to do with it but cannot seem to part with it? Try refinishing it and using it as a bedside table. Add a simple neutral colour or a pop of colour to the top and find a new use for an old stool.

bedside table shelfModern.

Are you stuck in a small space and cannot seem to find a bedside table to work in your space? Try a wall mounted bedside table, but mix it up and make it multipurpose by attaching a light. This is the perfect area to add small but needed details.

bedside table suspendedUsing Awkward Space.

Do you have an awkward slanted ceiling and have no idea how to use the space? Try a unique hanging concept for a bedside table. This converts the awkward area into a useable space and also adds an interesting look. You can use just about anything for the flat surface and any type of rope. I believe that an old piece of wood and thick rope will be a perfect balance of modern and rustic.

bedside table amazing


I am not sure if there is a word that describes the awesomeness of this invention. To whomever invented this you get a big high five from me. Practically and function all in one box…literally.

Take these creative and unique ideas to transform the space beside the bed. Turn it into something more than a boring old table. Share your ideas below!

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