When it comes to your bedroom, there are hundreds of things you can do to decorate. There is everything from different styles (vintage, minimalist), color schemes, to ideas for the ceiling, and window treatment ideas. This can be a lot to take in, so I have come up with a list of the most important and essential design elements and principles for the bedroom that you can follow.

Bedroom clutterToss The Clutter.

If there is one room in the house that needs to be clutter free, it is the bedroom. This space is where you should come to relax and be away from all of life’s other messes.

When you go on vacation and stay in an hotel room, you only bring what you need. You find yourself more relaxed in these spaces because of the minimal decor and furniture. In those rooms, you only have the essentials, a cozy bed, a desk/vanity mirror, a comfy seat, and a few decor pieces. Now picture that and do the same, recreate this clutter free and relaxing feeling in your bedroom.

But how do I start?

  • CLEAR IT OUT! Move it all out and into another room. While doing this also purge, throw out anything you have not used in the last six months. By doing this, you created an instant clutter free space, thus making it easier to create that minimal bedroom feel.
  • STORAGE! Hide it all away in the closet, or under the bed. Use storage solutions to hide the clutter.
  • MAKE IT LOOK PRETTY! Use “clutter trays”, look for problem areas around your bedroom. This might be on your bedside table, to fix this get a nice decorative plate or bowl to condense the clutter. Here you can store small items like remotes, watches, and a book. Use a tray to group these items together to create a cleaner look

Getting rid of clutter is beyond important. By starting off doing this, it will help with the other five rules I have created.

Focal PointThe Bed.

For many bedrooms, the bed is the focal point. This is where you have to choose the style you would want to set the bedroom. When I say this I do not mean the duvet cover, I mean the actual style of the bed. When it comes to this, you have quite a few choices to pick from: modern platform beds, to formal and romantic canopy beds and my favourite sleigh beds.

Tight on storage space? then you will want a bed that does not use a box spring. This will allow you to store items under the bed. There are also bed frames on the market with drawers on the sides, perfect for a bit more storage.

bed 5

Bedding Decor.

A simple way of decorating the bedroom is through the bedding. This is a great way to add some colour to your space through bed sheets, the blanket, pillows and the headboard. You can color block these items, by this I mean mixing up solid colors, or using different shades of one color for the bedding vs the pillows and the headboard (if you have one).

Focal WallColors.
The paint color you use on your bedroom walls will determine how you want the space to feel. Going with a light color will make the bedroom feel bright and spacious. While a darker color will create a cozy, intimate, and small bedroom feel.

There are three ways I can think of when it comes to painting your walls.

ONE Neutral colour scheme such as white, grey or black. This will create a blank canvas for you to work with. If you choose to use a neutral colour on the wall, you can add whatever color scheme you want to your room through the decor, bedding, area rugs and other pieces in the space. Best part it will be easy to change up when you become bored with the way it looks.

TWO- The second option is to paint all of your walls in a color of your choice. Remember when picking your colour, take into consideration the size of the room. If it is a smaller room try to stick with a lighter colour. However, if you find a colour and it is on the dark side but you just have to have it, option three will work for you.

THREE- If the colour you chose for the space is too dark to do on all the walls, then look into doing a feature wall. This is one wall, usually in the bedroom on the wall you place  the headboard. You then have all the other walls in the room painted in a neutral shade, making the feature wall pop and stand out.


Most of the time you will want your bedroom to be a cozy space. Other times, you will want it brightly lit so you can get ready for the day or a night out on the town.  Lighting can instantly transform a bedroom from a bright and spacious place to a cozy and romantic one.

To make a bedroom feel bright and spacious with lighting, the trick you need to follow is to use as much ceiling lighting as possible. Try and light up all the corners in the space. For a more cozy and intimate setting, avoid ceiling lights and instead use table or floor lamps.

QUICK TIP- Use dimmers!!! This will help in switching between bright to cozy.


Keep it simple silly, the bedroom should be absolutely clutter free. So this means storing everything out of sight and out of mind. Some simple ways of hiding everything you need to store include:

  • Buy decorative storage containers that close, for example large wicker baskets or a wicker trunk
  • Two for one! A bedroom ottoman bench (that flips open) not only adds storage, but gives you seating when you need to change your clothes!
  • If you do store items under your bed try and have them out of sight. Or if that is not possible – put the items in good looking storage containers – like wicker boxes or a rolling wooden box

So follow these few changes for the perfect relaxing bedroom. Comment below or post pictures of your own bedroom, or any ideas you may have for your room. I would love to see what you can come up with!

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