Finding that perfect layout for art work can be a difficult task. Follow these few steps and that difficult task will actually be one of your favourite elements of decor in your home.

Eccentric Layout

A) Many people believe that gallery walls have to be two dimensional….uhhh…well…no. Mix that wall up with two and three dimensional elements. Eccentric layout works great with lots of small pieces varying in style. So find your favourite pieces, slap them on your wall anything goes!


B) Anchor your space, rooms always need a balance. One large statement piece can do that, above a bed, couch or table. This draws the space together and makes a great conversation piece.


C) If you are a bit of a OCD neat freak like I am, the grid is for you. This minimal nest and geometric arrangement is perfect for art that is similar size and style.


D) Casual Toss. Combine hanging and leaning art work together. You can do this on a shelf or on a piece of furniture, making it an easy way to change things up. Quick and Easy.


E) Finally the most simple gallery look. When you have various art pieces that share the same look and colour scheme, try hanging them in a row together. This is perfect for spaces with a long linear area (hallways or long furniture pieces work best).

So pick your wall and your stand layout and get started. Make a statement with your art work, showcase it in its best form.

**Please note that I do not own any of these photographs**

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