90% of the people I talk with cannot stand painting. I get it, it is a lot of work, it is time consuming and can be a mess. If you want your next painting project to go smoothly, follow these handy seven steps and I swear you may even fall in love enough to paint your whole home.

Paint Samples

Rookie Mistake #1

One word: SAMPLE for the love of god people take advantage of the small tester paint pots. The little piece of paper you tried to hold up to the wall with one eye squinted closed, yah… that is not going to work out for you. Invest in the real paint sample and be happy the first time, not the fifth.

White Paint

Rookie Mistake #2

There is more than one white. With a bazillion shades to choose from, it is very tempting to pick the first one you see. However, know picking the right shade of white is just as important as picking any other colour. Invest again in those test pots, I am telling you they are worth it.

Ceiling Painting

Rookie Mistake #3

Remember that thing above your head? Yah, it can be a lonely space up there so remember  a fresh coat can really lighten up the space. This can also be a unique opportunity to stand out and do something bold, like adding some colour??

Trim Paint

Rookie Mistake #4

Trim the space. The wrong paint finish on your trim can cause big problems. These area’s need to stand up to a lot of wear and tear. The traditional choice would be oil based paints, however, the toxins can be harsh and clean up can be difficult. Make sure to chat with your paint supplier to make sure you are buying the right finish and durability.

Frog Tape

Rookie Mistake #5

Do not be sloppy, pick up a roll of Frog Tape. Although the price can be a bit steep, the extra cost is 100% worth it.

Quality Paint

Rookie Mistake #6

Do not cheap out. I am sure most of you are rolling your eyes and saying all paint is the same. Sorry but you are wrong! Having a good paint brand can make all the difference, the consistency, better coverage and no streaks means a happy painter. So spend those extra few $$ and save the time and hassle of having to add extra coats to your walls.

Mixing Paint

Rookie Mistake #7

If one gallon is not enough for your space, empty your cans into a five gallon tub. This is important because it ensures that there will not be any inconsistencies in your colour. Take the extra step to save time and money.

Take these simple steps and I promise you that painting will never be hard again.

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