Finding the perfect spot for anything and everything in your home can be a difficult task. Sometimes the most difficult decorating decisions we have to make is the placement of furnishings. The placement can affect the whole mood, visual size of the space and most important the function. So sit back, relax and get ready to make the most of your space by following these few quick tips!

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Save time and your back.

Take a walk down memory lane, whip out the good old graph paper. Use the one square = one foot method and cut out pieces of paper to the scaled size of your existing or new furniture. Take the cut outs and arrange them on the paper scale of your room until you find the right fit. TIP: start with the larger furniture. Clearing the room can allow for more focus and a better understanding of the relation to each other. Bring in the smaller pieces one by one, this will allow for a more grounded arrangement.

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Are you cramped?

Small space but still find yourself lost? Do not worry, creating a cozier seating area makes for a warmer and friendly space. Group your furniture that best suits the space and connect it altogether with an area rug. This will make the room cozier and tie it altogether.

living room

Lining the walls.

Step away from the wall, not everything needs to be touching a vertical surface.  Pull the furniture away from the walls and create a more intimate feeling. Add dimension to the room and create the perfect flow. Be Bold.

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Perfect view?

Stop blocking that view. Blocking the windows in your room with furniture can severely limit the amount of light that enters the space. This can make the space appear small and cramped. TIP: try using low or small scale decor in front of a window. Keep the path of sight clear to allow for a better view.

Do not let your room define your furniture, let your furniture define the room. Mix it up, have fun and start planing your redefined space now.


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