I have been searching on the internet to find a few quick and easy designer tips to spruce up a space. I found the top styling design tips from various blogs I have come across. I have taken a few of their ideas, and have combined them with my own tips and tricks. Take a look below and see what you can do to spruce up those awkward areas in your home.

vitical impact

A. Vertical Impact

Add an anchor to the space by adding a large piece of art or mirror in the back of a focal area. This will add height and lengthen the space and add more depth and drama.


B. Asymmetry

Avoid stiffness and change it up by adding a collected feel with asymmetry.

recycled table

C. Recycle Objects
Use found/recycled objects to add more interest and character.

leaning options

D. Leaning Options
Less effort more laid back. Try leaning art against the wall rather than hanging. This will give off a less structured look and more welcoming.

awkward spaces

E. Awkward Spacing
Open spaces are boring. Try layering to add dimension and varying the heights of the placed accessories.


F.  Colour Matching
Repeat colours in a focal area. Change it up with different accessories in the same colour in different shades or hues.

G. Finally Shed Some Light
Add a some light to the space, this will not only lighten up with space but it will also add some drama at night.
Take these points and add them to your space. You will find that it will not only define your space but also make it that much better.
**note all images are from Pinterest and are not mine**

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