Everyone makes mistakes. That’s life. Before you make those annoyingly obvious interior styling mistakes, read this.

Mistake Number 10 Clusters of Clutter


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Less is always more. A grouping of small items together looks like clutter, not pretty. When looking for accessories for a room, remember this key factor: less is more, big is better. Small accessories are quickly to be lost in a space and causes a visual disturbance. Larger accessories tend to make a larger impact on the space without taking up much more space and also costing less in the long run. So remember, when choosing that perfect vase for your, space go big and bold.

Mistake Number 9 Fake Imagery

wine rack

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If you like it, do not fake it! Having images of your favourite things can be a bit much sometimes. One common mistake in the kitchen is photographs of wine. I’m not talking about the cutting boards here, I am talking about the frosted clocks with bottles of wine on them. People, if you like the wine, is it not better in real life form?

Mistake Number 8 Thirds


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The rule of thirds is commonly used in photography and art. Thirds describes the best place for the focal item.  This can also be applied in your home by arranging the accessories 1/3 of the way from the edge. Most people think to place the object(s) in the centre, as this will cause people to focus in on that are. However, changing that location to the first or last third of the surface creates a more pleasing view for the eye.

Mistake Number 7 Separating the Collection


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Everyone has something they either collect or has been passed down to them. These pieces are usually more than one object or “theme”. People think that in order to show off the collection, it needs to be spread throughout the home. This is actually not a good idea because they will be lost in the space. Spacing out the collection allows people to overlook the piece. When placing them all together in one area or room, people are more likely to stop and look at the collection. If you want it to stand out, keep it together. 

Mistake Number 6 Height Problems


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To create interest, you need to vary the height of accessories grouped together. If you do not do this, your eye will always stay at the same line. By this, I mean that your eye follows what is in the space. By having different heights, your eye will flow through the space more evenly making sure you do not miss a thing.

Mistake Number 5 Matching Everything


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Be honest. Does it look like you bought your room straight from a furniture showroom? Want to fix it without spending a cent? Take a piece of furniture from another room and see what a difference it makes right away. Having everything in the room matching, can be very boring and “safe”. By changing up the colour, chair, table or art work, you can make an existing drab space look interesting and welcoming.

Mistake Number 4 Even


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Linking back to the thirds rule, grouping accessories in one, three or five works best. Group your effects in those numbers, but also rely back to the height rule. Doing these two together will create a sophisticated look.

Mistake Number 3 Accessories Galore


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People always seem to want to show off more than they should. There is a fine line between a well-accessorized space and an overindulgence of cluttered mess. K-I-S-S Keep It Simple Silly- remember Less is More, Bigger is Better! 

Mistake Number 2 Who Lives Here Again?

My Self

Image by Melissa

Your home is a reflection of you. Make your home your style. Do not try to match it exactly like the photograph you found on the cover of a magazine. Make the space welcoming and warm and use memories as accents. Photographs are always a great way to start. 

Mistake Number 1 Are Those Fake?


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My most disliked concept ever made, may be fake greenery. If you like the look of plants, make it real. Get a plant that does not need a lot of care. If anything, a real plant will make your home cleaner for you. Phytoremediation is the ability of a plant to alleviate pollutants in the air, soil and water. Please, stop using the fake greenery to fill in that extra awkward space in your home. REAL greenery is better!

I hope that some of these points help you with redecorating, or just modifying a few things in your home. I believe that by repairing  these “modest mistakes”, you will be creating a whole new space without having a large monetary output.

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