It’s that time of year again when you or your children fly the coop. The high school graduates gleefully pack-up all their belongings and head off to post-secondary education. Upon arrival, you can tell that the rooms give off a very dull and cold design. Not to worry! This year, take that blank canvas and transform it into a truly unique custom design. Utilize these 10 DIY projects and make that tiny space feel more like home.
dorm door dorm room door 2

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1.  Walking into your new home for the next nine months can be a bit nerve-wracking. You not only have to share a space with a complete stranger, but this space says nothing about you. I am going to tell you a very important word that will change the way you see your dorm room:TEMPORARY. This is the key to making your space, your space. What is the first thing you see when you walk down the long hallway to your dorm? That’s right – the door! Make it a mark for everyone to see. Take a trip to the Dollar Store craft section. There you will find unique individual rolls of Washi Tape (coloured paper tape). You can use this to make your door fun and uniquely you.
Washi Tape frame one Washi Tape frame two
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2. Most dorm rooms consists of four solid brick walls. Trying to hammer nails in to hang photos is usually  a no go. Try taking some of that left over tape from that amazing door you just created and use it to make custom picture frames. This is a great way to add some inspiration photos, favourite bands or even pictures of your friends. This also allows you to be able to change out the gallery throughout the year.
twinckle lights
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3. Another great way to showcase your photos and also add some light into your dorm, can be found using twinkle lights (Christmas lights). These can be hung across your wall and used to clip photographs on.
Popsicle sticks art 1 Popsicle sticks art 2
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4. An alternative way to spruce up those boring walls can be found in the use of large wooden craft sticks (Popsicle sticks).  Pick up a pack of any size and transform it into an easy geometric art background.  Best part? Paint the sticks any colour you want to make it you own style.
head baord 1
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5. That bed of yours needs to be whipped into shape. Why not come up with an amazing custom temporary headboard?  This super easy headboard is made from things you most defiantly have laying around your dorm. The use of an old box and material can make that boring dorm bed look much more luxurious. Pick a design, cut it out of the cardboard and wrap it in material. Sticking it onto the wall is easy with the use of double-sided tape.
wall art 1
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6. If you’re ready for a rather large project to make your room really feel like home, you can use this concept. Create temporary wall art from strips or sheets of fabric and cornstarch.
Supplies needed:
1. yards of fabric
2. fabric scissors
3. fabric fray block (optional)
4. paint brush
5. 1/4 cup cornstarch
6. 4 1/2 cups of water
7. one medium-sized pot for boiling water
1. Iron your fabric to take out any wrinkles.
2. Take your fabric and cut it to the desired size.
3. It’s time to mix the glue. A cornstarch and water recipe will adhere the fabric to your wall. Best part of this DIY project is that it does not cause any damage to the paint. You can easily pull the fabric right off if you move, or if you want to switch things up!
This recipe, from How About Orange, will show you how to create the mixture:
1. Bring four cups of water to a boil.
2. In a separate bowl, mix 1/4 cup of cornstarch with 1/2 cup of cold water.
3. Add all of the boiling water to the mixture and stir. Keep making this mix until the wall is complete.
4. Next, apply the cornstarch mixture to the back of your fabric. Make sure you generously apply this with a paint brush. Attach this section to the wall and continue this until the wall is fully covered.
5. Sit back and admire the hard work you just completed.
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7. What makes your room that much cozier? How about a DIY rug? Go to the Dollar Store and pick yourself up non-skid  mat and find any type of fabric or material that coordinates with your colour pallet. Cut the material into 1″ by 5″ strips and loop it through the hole in the mat. There you have it.  Your very own custom and awesome rug!
ping pong
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8. Since your dorm is most likely lit by tube lighting, this means seeing anything in less than blinding light is impossible.  To make those late night movie nights better, create this custom lighting. Take twinkle lights and add something as simple as ping pong balls to it. By cutting a slit in the ping pong ball, you are able to slip in the light. This not only dims the light to the right luminescence, but also adds more decor to the space.
bean bag
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9. Most dorm rooms are very small scale and seating seems to always be a problem. By taking one hour out of your busy day, you can create these awesome bean bag style chairs. This is a great way to add more colour into your space and also to define who you are.
1. 2 yards of fabric
2. thread
3. needle
4. stuffing
5. tape measure
6. marker
1. Take your fabric and cut 6 pieces each measuring 20″ by 20″ or whatever size squares you want.
2. Sew the 4 sides together, but begin and end sewing about 1/4″ from each end. You’ll need that space to add the top and bottom pieces. Sew sides together, so you will end up with a circle.
3. Once all 4 sides are sewn together, it’s time to add the top and bottom square. Make sure to leave an opening for you to be able to add the stuffing
4. Stuff your chair. You can buy new stuffing or use the stuffing from a old pillow or  even a comforter.
5. Sew up the hole and enjoy your new custom bean bag style chairs.
garden 1 garden 2
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10. Finally, to add some life to the dorm,  create a succulent garden. The best part is that they require little maintenance and look wonderful with almost no effort.  To find out how to create this amazing piece, check out
Creating your own space is important. Making your dorm room your own is an influential part of being successful in post-secondary school. Coming home to a place that feels like home will make this transition  much more enjoyable. Try these few ideas and continue to make your space fun and yours.

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