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I have spent the last week of my summer scraping and painting the outside of my cottage to the point that all I am able to see is Benjamin Moore Tudor Brown with sandstone accents. I will admit, it is better than the 1957 pale pink with white accents and the 1972 Tudor Brown and tangerine orange accents!

Cottage 2014
Side note: My Opa and Oma bought the cottage in February of 1972 and changed the colours to Tudor brown with tangerine orange window frames. When my parents bought the cottage in December of 1999,  true feelings came out about the tangerine orange windows. My Oma pointed out that they should have changed the colour years ago as she did not like it, but she thought my Opa did. My Opa then reciprocated, in a cute Dutch accent with, “Ann, I thought you liked it, so that’s why I kept it” as he was clearly not a fan of the colour either. That folks, is what true love for a person is and also the reason they were together for 60 years.
 For most, the exterior view of the home is displayed to accommodate the style of home, the location and the family that lives there. Many choose the traditional look of neutral colours for the shutters, front door and the garage door along with dark colours for the drive way and typical welcoming landscapes.
Today, I am going to show you how to make your home not only stand out in a good way, but also to give you a bit more of my personal touch on how people view your home.
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 Let’s start with what drives you into the driveway. Most homes opt for the typical asphalt finish. Although it does have its many pros in the exact purpose of it, I still find it to be old news. An interesting way to define the space can be formed though bricks or stone. This allows you to add a bit of colour to the space and also adds detail. By doing this, you are able to create an interesting pattern or even a cool texture.
driveway pavers grassImage From Pinterest
If you like to go the eco-friendly way, you can also add an interesting look though Durable porous pavers. These are concrete or plastic blocks that are designed with holes that let you plant vegetation inside the blocks, thus creating a “living” driveway. Porous pavers are also an environmentally friendly choice. They are designed to let rain pass through to the ground underneath thus reducing runoff that makes your yard soggy and carries pollutants to waterways. While all three have their pros and cons, picking one of these designs really comes down to the climate and space you live in.
Moving on to the second most important part of the exterior of the home, the front door. Many people believe that the front door should match the colour of the shades, eaves troughs and garage doors. I believe not. The front door should draw people into the home. It should make them unconsciously walk to it and not have to find it. In order to accomplish this, you need to:
Red DoorImage From Pinterest
A. Find a colour that pops against your home.The colour should compliment the design style and colour pallets of the rest of the exterior, but still gives it that, ” BAM! Here I am!”,  look. For example, many people have painted their door red. In Feng Shui, a red door means “Welcome”, but it also gives the home a focal point.
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B. Find a door with a lot of character. For this, you’re best bet is to invest in a wood door with a lot of detail. This look can only be pulled off on a few styles of homes. The grand size of the door most always captures the eye and draws it in as it wants to see what the door has to offer. Many wood doors come with beautiful stain glass windows, unique hand carvings or delicate but strong metal work. Remember, the door is the gateway to your home, so make sure it draws you in.

Garage DoorsImage From Pinterest

Playing on the concept of doors, the garage door is another form of entrance to your home. As many go with metal painted doors, I still enjoy the raw look of a nice stained door. Although the up keep is usually yearly, or every few years, I think a wood door captures the style of an old home perfectly. Saying this, I do realize that new homes are built every day and obviously more modern causing them to resort to the painted metal look.
Painted Garage Image From Pinterest
This can be a big benefit. The upkeep is low and it also gives you the opportunity to change up the colour when you choose. I find that on a light colour home whether it be brick or siding, a dark colour on the garage door, gutters and shades makes the home stand out more. This gives the house a more modern look and also makes the brick or siding stand out. On a darker home I still lean more towards a darker colour to blend into the home. For me, putting light accents on a dark home draws attention to areas that should not need attention. This is where depending on the home, I would use wood accents for the exterior. They will blend well together and give a nice detail while still standing out enough to show main focal points.

Landscape Landscape
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Finally, the landscape. DO NOT over do this area! Not only is the upkeep a lot, but it can make your home feel crowded. Keep it simple, follow the flow of your home and connect the colour pallet of the flowers to the main colour of the exterior. Change up the walk way to your home to define a new space off of the driveway, make this stone or brick. Add mulch to the flower beds to create a cleaner look and also add some stones to the edges to not only keep everything in its place, but also create a boundary for people to follow.
As these are just my perspectives, just remember that the exterior of your home is the first thing people will see. This is also  a very important aspect when selling your home . Keeping it simple can make a large statement, but remember to accommodate your own personal style. After all, it is your home.​

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