Vintage can be defined as nothing more than to insinuate an identifiable period of time. Whatever you can do to invoke your chosen time period is basically fair game. It is a formed impression, but not one particular piece of the puzzle. This basically defines my life. From a young age, I have always seemed to be growing up in the wrong time period. Maybe I can connect it back to the past years of Sunday morning oldies at the cottage, the many hours and days of my time spent in antique markets, or even the way my parents surrounded us with unique and old school games and décor style. I can honestly say, the Beach Boys were my Backstreet Boys, my playhouse was my television and my weekend fun was Antique Markets. For me, vintage tells a story. It creates character and allows for a conversation piece. Vintage gives you these details in a space that paint cannot always give you. A perfect delivery of my reasoning can be found in the picture below.


Photo from Pinterest
I love the old style of the shelving in this design. As most people now prefer the sleek modern look of the floating shelves, I enjoy the distinct look of the supports. Maybe it is because of my need to know how things work and how they fit together to create a working object. This style shows what is needed to support the concept of the design. For me, old school will forever by my one and only love.
I do understand the facts that not all people are alike. Therefore, I have to accept the fact that Vintage does not always connect with every person. There are many design styles. One other style that comes to mind is the new “modern” look so many are asking for. Modern design is a style of décor or design that focuses its concepts on minimalism, neutral colors, clean design lines and one of the most important concepts today, environmentally-friendly materials. Modern design, mostly mixed up with contemporary design, can be defined as a metal coffee table from recycled materials and a white couch from natural fabrics.
578f00c5947262805134ef22591cc041Photo from Pinterest
Although I do admit this style is something I do enjoy, I still find that it can be a cold, linear not really lived in décor design style.  I find this style works better in a waiting room, work office, public space, areas that are used for quick waiting or small talk, but not areas that long periods of time are spent in.
AND this is where I come to the reasoning behind this whole rant. I think the thing that makes me most interested in design is, the way different objects, materials and styles are able to come together to create one divine design. I beyond love the fact that I can combine the love I have for Vintage and the uncertain feelings towards Modern design, to create one livable space. Being able to combine an old mahogany credenza, wall mounted 42” flat screen television and a Victorian style lamp harmoniously and make it look good, is rewarding.
My Condo
Intertwining a new modern design condo, modern area rug with grey wall colour and art with vintage leather furniture, pops of vintage colours through pillows and blankets works. Bridging these designs creates not only a room to start a conversation, but also communicates the elements of modern day design.
My Condo

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  1. Greg


    A great read! The photos give perspective to your message.

  2. Charlene


    Makes me feel right at home Melissa! Great blog 🙂

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