The 1940’s was a very influential decade.Times were hard as these years were met by WWII, but it also caused a strong impact on the way design was looked upon. Many soldiers were coming home causing their families to turn back to a time before the war. Traditional decor styles began to resurface, with new modern style twists added. The baby boom arose causing an increase in the need for homes. Simple homes were created and Cape Cod style was deemed a necessity, as homes were on the small scale. Interiors were simple and uncluttered to allow for larger feeling in the space.

The 20’s and 30’s were extravagant times to say the least, making the 40’s streamline moderne. Interiors popped with reds, greens and yellows while simple tones of natural colours were used for exteriors. Bright upholstery was used throughout the interiors. You could find many bright floral’s not only on the furniture but also on the walls.

Family became a larger importance in everyday life after war. Seating areas in homes became the main focus as families were spending more time together. Colonial furniture came back into style and was used throughout the home. This design style and decorating approach mirror the evolution of life in the “New World”, after war.


Flash forward to 2010. While furnishing my new apartment for school, my mum and I came across this amazing chair and matching couch in a small antique store in my home town of Orono, Ontario. I instantly fell in love with the pieces, handed over the $125 and slapped a sold sign on the pair.

Despite the fact that many people ask me if they were previously owned by my grandma, I am still as much in love with their graceful and refined elegant appearances as I was when I first saw them. This chair provides beautiful carved cherry pan legs that add delicate detail while still providing comfort with its wide rounded back. The continuous curves of this chair are connected together by its rectangular cushion, making the design of the arms a perfect curl up space to read a book or blog.

However, I would have to say my favourite aspects of this chair are its ability to become the main focus in the space and also its ability to blend in. Its unique antique style can be updated by simply adding a few pillows and throw blanket. Its burnt orange leather finish flows into the rest of the leather furniture making a link to modernity. The colour adds depth to the space causing you to be drawn in and take a seat. As old as the piece is, the statement stays the same. Its elegant and refined grateful design can work in any space.

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