Name: Melissa Margaret
Age: 22
Occupation: Designer + Blogger + Idealist
Why: I often get asked what inspires my designs. Each time I am asked this, I tend to come up with a completely different answer. I attribute this to the straight fact that I can never truly pinpoint exactly what inspires me and that every small or large element of life has some sort of inspiration combined into it. I think it is truly a unique and custom design if you can grasp the atmosphere in a space from something as little as a glass figurine. If you can design and create a space from something like that and wow your clients, then at that point, I believe that is where your inspiration should emerge from. Taking what your client already has and making it that much more personal and important, is something I strive to accomplish.

Philosophy You Ask?  Design to me is my life. Everything I do or see is some form of creation. I believe in designing for people, not designers. I am drawn to the thought that in creating a space, it should be allowed to get messed up and dirty. I believe in creating a space that  functional and elegant can be used to describe it in the same sentence. It is my experience that your space should explain itself and not need explaining. Finally, I think it is important that your space should fit you, not the front of a magazine.
How this works: If you choose to follow or check in, you will find new updates of current trends and design forms I find interesting. I will also be updating the portfolio portion of this blog to allow you to see the past work I have completed and also what I am currently working on. I hope you enjoy and maybe even learn a thing or two.

Thank you,

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